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At Illawarra Carpet Cleaning we use world class steam cleaning technology and cleaning products to produce fantastic results. We offer a range of services to solve a variety of customer problems, and there is never a job too small!


  • Doing the annual household clean?

  • End of rental tenancy?

  • Do you have a stain that needs removing?

  • Has your pet soiled your living room carpets?

  • Or perhaps you left the bath tap running and have flooded the corridor outside?


See how we can help you!



  • Wide variety of materials cleaned

  • End of rental tenancy

  • Empty and furnished households

  • Bedrooms, living areas, stairs, hallways, rugs, wardrobe flooring

  • Office spaces, houses, units, apartments, townhouses, villas, retirement homes

Illawarra Carpet Cleaning Wollongong - Services


While it is important to have your carpets cleaned regularly, dirty couches and dining chairs are a health hazard for you and your family if not properly maintained.


  • Lounges and Dining Chairs

  • Food and drink stains

Water Damage and Extraction


  • Get rid of that 'wet carpet' smell

  • Insurance work

  • Flooding

  • 24 hr emergency call-out

  • Fan hire for carpet drying

Illawarra Carpet Cleaning Wollonong - Services
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